Let that mind be in thee which was in Christ.
Not of self, but that others may know the Love of God.
So live, then, as to Manifest that Love.


Edgar Cayce Australia Reopening Soon!

We will be offering the following services here in Australia
More information coming soon....

1 Search for God Study Group Program
2 Prayer / Meditation Group 'Glad Helpers Down Under'
3 Activities, meetings, workshops, seminars
4 Forums
5 Announcements / Reports of previous meetings / Photos
6 Lending library (Books)
7 Lending library (Circulating Files)
8 Books for Sale (remedies for Sale), book reviews
9 Articles / Information
10 ARE Headquarters Visits to and from Australia

For more information Contact our Australian Representative:
Russell Bowey
Tel: 03 53452945

 Edgar Cayce Australia

Over 100 years ago the dream began with a humble man with an extraordinary gift.

He chose to help people physically, mentally and spiritually.

This dream manifested itself into a building where individuals could be helped.

And continued to grow as the dream was carried on and a new vision was made manifest.

A place where individuals could gather together to learn and grow.

Today we know that for the dream to continue we must do our part.
To dream, to reach, to vision.

To set our sights on the horizon, take a longer view, and stretch beyond our current circumstances.

To reach a world of seekers hungry for answers on every corner of the globe.

To accomplish this mision we must foster an ideal for growth and clearly articulate our vision.

To do so, we have asked:
What is the need we see in the world right now that the Spirit calls us to serve?
What is the Edgar Cayce Australia called to do to address these needs that is consistent with the readings and our purpose?

And we have heard five callings:
1. Global Availability:
Increasing the worldwide availability and knowledge of the information found in the Edgar Cayce readings.

2. Personal Transformation:
Developing pathways for individuals and families of all nationalities and creeds to pursue advanced spiritual studies,
develop their soul attributes, and understand the journey on earth from birth to death.

3. Health:
Deepening the world's understanding of the Cayce health concepts and connecting them with mainstream medicine so that health practitioners regularly apply the Cayce approach in healing physical problems.

4. Research
Transforming the consciousness of the planet through the research and confirmation of key ideas found in the readings.

5. Organisational Development
Building organizational strength/capacity and increasing the financial base to be able to serve those who need us.

And we must articulate our strategic intention
Transforming Lives for the Better Spiritually, Mentally And Physically

To develop a strategy, we have closely examined what we do best.

(1) We spread the word . . .
We get the word out through
Magazines and newsletters
Web sites

(2) We participate in and underwrite research . . .
We  fund archaeological and health-related research of scientific caliber . . .
and we encourage personal research and growth though application of the Edgar Cayce readings

(3) We educate . . .
We offer opportunities for education about spiritual values through
Atlantic University
Survey lectures
Headquarters, field and regional conferences
Web Sites

(4) We heal . . .
We offer health and healing opportunities through
the Cayce Reilly School the Health Spa
Health Related Research and individual application of treatment plans and assessments

(5) We nurture relationships . . .
We nurture our national and global community through supportive relationships with volunteers and members around the world  

We accomplish this by providing information, encouragement, a switchboard for connections with others of similar interests and through targeted financial support.

(6) We foster spiritual growth through groups . . .
We offer opportunities to share and grow in group settings by supporting and encouraging
Search for God study groups
 Inquirers groups and Mutual Interest groups
All through partnerships with regional and international volunteers
And recently, eGroups, through the world wide web!

(7) We serve where we are needed . . .
We provide opportunities for applying the spiritual principles found in the Edgar Cayce readings through
Prayer Services
the Prison Program
The World Prayer Group (www.worldprayergroup.org)
and other service-oriented activities

(8) And, we invest in the future in very meaningful ways. . .
We offer opportunities for children and youth to develop spiritual values in a safe, supportive environment 

All of this is only the beginning
Because we, the A.R.E., its staff, directors, dedicated volunteers, and trustees
are developing a strategy to expand our reach and realize the next phase of our associations “soul mission.”

We have accomplished these goals  . . .
Because we have heard the call of the Cayce readings:
“. . . we will find that through these channels,
As has been given –
Individuals, groups, classes, masses, states, nations
—will contribute, for from little beginnings
do the great conditions arise, and often, as has been given by the forces as do manifest in the material world,
“Make haste slowly.” 
Again has been said, “Wait ye on the Lord.” 
Be sure then in each and every step,
and make haste only when sure in the way . . .”